AIA New York

Founded in 1857, AIA New York is the oldest and largest chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Our over 5,500 members include private and public sector architects, firm owners and employees, academics, code consultants, architecture students, and others. At the city level, below are some of the specific policy issues we are focused on:

  • Continued funding of public works projects during the current financial crisis.
  • Providing more equitable access to public works and space.
  • Increasing the amount of housing units designed and built, especially affordable and supportive housing.
  • Improving the quality of housing conditions for the homeless and other marginalized New Yorkers.
  • Expanding and enforcing Local Law 97 of 2019, the “Climate Mobilization Act.”
  • Growing the role of city government in solving the city’s transit and infrastructure issues.
  • Improving procurement practices to increase the number of projects coming in on time and on budget, while also increasing MWBE participation.

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